Monday, 29 September 2008

Shock As Intellipoker Dominate Sunday Million Final Table

The online poker world was in a state of shock last night, Melted Felt can exclusively report, as players showing the Intellipoker avatar took all 9 seats of the final table of the Poker Stars Sunday Million.

Battling their way through a huge field made up of online and live poker pros, cash game experts and tournament regulars the 'Intellipoker 9' called and called and called until every chip was in their hands...

(Editor - Stop, yes you the writer - stop that right now.... this story has gone too far, this blog is supposed to be poker satire... not poker farce)



LP said...

any links to more info?

Mark said...

Well, LP... more info on what?

At Melted Felt we try to be as helpful as possible, only this one has baffled us completely.

Right - we will post links to more info on a variety of random subjects, that should do the trick.

1) Lions are great, right? Here is a link to some info about lions

2) Sleep Paralysis sounds scary to us - but we found some information on it...

3)More info here... wiki again with a BIG list of cheeses - as links to more info go, this is top class.

Hope this helps!


LP said...

nonono...okay...more info on intelli players on the final table? =)

Mark said...

Ah, yes, of course.

Lions no good then? I mean, when it comes to Africa they really are top-dog (or is that elephants?)

Anyway, final tables - l-a-s-t one, all over after that one *cough*, Oh the Intellipoker monthly freeroll, no, well well, ok then.

Bound to happen one day, did we mention lions?


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