Thursday, 11 September 2008

World Not Ended - Poker's Mysteries To Be Revealed

Journalists and media-moguls worldwide were sensationally left rather disappointed this Thursday... as the big physics experiment thingy in Switzerland managed to get switched on without creating a supermassive black hole on Wednesday afternoon.

Melted Felt will leave them with the not insignificant thought as to exactly who would have bought their full color pull out 'universe ends' suppliment anyway and concentrate on providing a list of the biggest poker mysteries.

The idea is that by smashing things together (for example cats, take-away cartons full of cold chicken tikka-massala and Intellipoker Players) we might be able to unravel the answers to the questions which make up the very core of poker.... questions such as:

- Would Jesus Ferguson beat Jesus Christ heads-up with deep stacks?

- Is AAKK double suited or AAJ10 double suited a better post-flop PLO hand at a full table when in 5th position with a limper ahead and Swedish players in the blinds?

- Just exactly what is it about Phil Ivey's chin that is a 'lill bit wierd?

- Has anyone ever successfully cashed out of Bodog Poker?

- Why is there no such word as 'fold' in French, or Dutch, erm or Italian?

- Do tournaments or cash games require more skill*?

Any more questions for the hadron-collider to answer??? Let us know! In the meantime we intend to get into the spirit of things by finding random things to collide here in the Melted Felt office... weeeeeeeeeee - Pcccchhhh.


PS: Thanks once again to Simon for his inputs for this article!! Your thoughts / articles / ideas / abuse is always welcome at (yeah, we know - expecting us to check even one e-mail address is bad enough... but 2?!?)

* Please do not even consider trying to answer this one in a comment... we simply do not care.

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