Sunday, 26 October 2008

60 Minutes Poker Scandal Lost As Clocks Go Back

Melted Felt can today exclusively reveal that the real reason that the '60 Minutes' episode exposing poker's biggest scandals was not aired, as expected, on the 23rd October... leaving the general public in the dark about the twin poker scandals of the UB Super-Users and AP's infamous Pot-Ripper.

Speculation has been mounting that some VIs, Mafiosi and Goons of Kahnawake Big Chief Money-Launderer had mounted a legal challenge, harrassed and generally left horses heads in the bed of the 60 minutes production team.

The documentary - as with all of them - was carefully designed to make the reasonably stupid masses feel sighly smarter than they really are. Our insider has told us the real reason why this was not aired as planned... the clocks going back accidentally deleted a whole hour of television programming.

Producers of 60 minutes were unavailable for comment on exactly when the show would be aired... since they were all logged on to the highest stakes cash games on UB raking in the money. After all - it is quite easy to do when you can see all of your opponents hole cards...


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