Monday, 6 October 2008

Duplicate Poker Find Easy Excuse To Close At Last

Novely poker site Duplicate Poker abruptly closed yesterday. In a shocking exclusive, Melted Felt can today reveal that the reasons given were just one of many considered by this doomed 'poker' site.

Duplicate Poker blamed the 'Global Financial Situation' for their closure. Anyone with half a brain-cell will know that this refers to the lack of big piles of cash to cover their losses. But what of the other excuses considered?? Our insider gave us the full list...

1) My dog ate the server. The old classic is a little harder to believe in this day and age, however it was considered on the basis that - as long as some reason is given -most people do not give a fu(k anway.

2) Admitting that their product was a sh1te novelty game that most people tried with the free cash, got bored with very fast and then never went back to until the next free-bee was given out. This one was rejected for being, erm, well, the truth

3) Blame Russ Hamilton... after all, it would only take a kilo of coke or so to get the KGC to implicate him in Duplicate Poker too...

4) I have a headache.. yeah, the game looks great - especially in that expensive new dress you brought just last week, but everytime you log on to play for an evening, it suddenly has a headache.

5) Full Tilt Poker is Sh1te*


* This last 'excuse' was sponsored by Poker Stars (TM)

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