Monday, 27 October 2008

Election Special #3 - Doyle Brunson Admits Obama Not The Anti-Christ

In a sensational piece of socio-political blogging veteran poker player Doyle Brunson has completely ruled out Barak Obama being the Anti-Christ... though he left the question of his being a Muslim and associating with terrorists wide open.

Blogging for the internets Cardplayer site, Bruson used a fantastic chain of logic and reasoning to convince himself that Obama was not in fact the devil incarnate - since he does not come from Germany, which was apparently part of the Roman empire (!).

Doyle then went on to show his intellectual prowess by stating that Iran and Iraq were part of that same Roman Empire, that the banks alone and not political mismanagement or even a little individual greed were responsible for the current financial problems, and that the 'old school' games where tournaments started with just 17 people were tougher than todays big events...

Well, thanks Doyle, you may be a poker legend, but your fantasic blog post shows well and truly deserve to be secretary of defense (specifically against the anti-christ) in McCain's government, erm, no, wait....

Check out the original post - Doyle you are more than welcome to write for Melted Felt any time, we are simply not capable of being even close to this funny!

Brunson The Anti-Christ


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