Friday, 3 October 2008

Exclusive: Kenny Rogers To Join Team PokerStars

Now and again Melted Felt bring you a story soooo exclusive, that it sticks in your head for f-ing days and annoys your friends, family and possibly even pets too... and any story mentioning Kenny Rodger's 'The Gambler' is bound to fit that category.

If anyone thinks that they do not know 'The Gambler', well they are just plain wrong, the link below will prove it... ahhhhh that song.

Dont Click It - You'll Be Humming 'Know When to Fold 'em' For A Week

As mentioned at MF before, PokerStars staff are obliged to sing the 'Full Tilt Is Sh1t' song at least 5 times daily as part of their employment contract. What we did not mention is that this is actually to the tune of 'The Gambler' (well, the chorus at least).

Today we reveal a double-whammy of exclusive online poker info from our Stars insider... not only will Kenny be joining team Stars - they will be releasing an ammended version of the country-and-western great as a publicity stunt, and hope to reach number #1 in the charts in time for xmas.... a coup!

The Full Tilt Is Sh1t Song

You got to know full tilt fake'em, know they will break 'em
the site is run by morons with a dodgy RN-GGGGG
You never count your money when your sittin at the table
coz you'll be six-feet under before the cashouts done

You got to know full tilt red pros, have 5 accounts each
know when your playing there your chances are-a-slim
you never count your money when in the Full Tilt cashier
coz by the time that you receive it, your eyesight will be dim

You got to know data-miners are sucking up your hist-ry
that bots and other programs are taking all your cash
you never count your money when you bet before the river
coz before that card it hits the felt the client's bound to crashhhh



Anonymous said...

I like the song, LOL!

Unortunately, I am humming The Gambler and like you said, will be doing for the next month or so!

Keep up the good work sir(s)

Mark said...

Cheers Pud! Just the one sir here at the moment... MF is the alter0ego of Plan3t Gong Mark... submissions / ideas are always welcome though!

Cheers, Mark

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