Tuesday, 21 October 2008

International Hunt For WSOP Main Event Interest Begun

In a last minute frenzy, Hurrah's entertainment are scouring the entire world - Melted Felt can exclusively report - leaving no rock unturned in the quest to find someone who actually gives a flying fu*k about the so called 'November Nobodies' erm, no, we mean 'Nine'.

This will not be an easy quest as the final table os this years WSOP actually clashes with international watching paint dry week and the all-American grass growing convention.

We asked previous winner, super nice-guy and all-round poker ambassador Chris Moneymaker whether having all those big piles of money made up for being pug ugly, and challenged him to name any of the line up for the big November showdown... however the best he could do was point out that one of them has a beard.

Do you know anyone who gives a sh1t about the Main event? Let us know by mowing the word 'Yes' into your lawn and then having an aerial photo taken, we look foward to seeing you in Vegas for the world waiting for the kettle to boil championships.



Anonymous said...

AMEN to that! They have made a huge mistake with this year's ME. I have no clue how is even playing. I thought they were going to market the damn thing,,

Mark said...

Yep, think they also got unlucky with the bland lineup though, I'd have provided some entertainment!!

Cheers, Mark

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