Sunday, 19 October 2008

Judge Wingate Calls For More Time For Hospitality, Bribes

In another Melted Felt exclusive (see a pattern yet??) we can sensationally reveal the real reasons for the extended hearing allocated in the Kentucky Poker Ban case.

This case revolves around the attempted siezure of 140 internet gambling domains by the state of Kentuckie's governer, who is in the pocket of the local horse-racing barrons after losing his shirt when a 'sure-thing' went lame.

In addition to the 140 gambling domains, Ultimate Bet are included in the list - this one looks like a normal poker site but is actually a carefully designed 'device' used to part unsuspecting gamblers from their money (so we can see how the Kentucky authorities got mixed up).

With the totally ineffective PPA doing their usual routine, the Kentucky authorities actually only needed a random kid who studied a short course on 'how courts work' at high school to successfully represent them.

In his final summing up, Judge Wingate said that while he appreciated the sports hospitality package, the Mercedies Coupe and family vacation provided by the Horse lobby, he found that the Poker groups offer of 3500 Full Tilt points were rather insulting - being just about enough for a stress ball or logo baseball cap.

Ruling that the case will be heard on the 17th November should provide plenty of time for the poker lobby to get their bribes in order... and the dead canary in the post should make certain that the ruling favors the horses...

We look forward to reporting the outcome here at your trusted source of poker news.



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