Friday, 31 October 2008

November 9 Boredom Diminished By 'Saw-5' Ideas

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In a surprising turn of events, and to drum up more interest for the November 9, Harrah's has signed a partner deal for a tie in with the upcoming movie Saw V. In a fight to the finish along the style of the first 4 movies, players of the final table will be placed in to life threatening situations, with the real possibility of death during play.

With interest waning on the November WSOP final table, Harrah's felt that the movie tie-in would bring the fans back to the table, death does sell, along with the youngsters who are looking for blood and guts. It has been rumoured, but not officially confirmed, that the first person out will be fed to the beautiful white Tigers of Siegfried and Roy's Magic Garden.

As play proceeds, players will be placed in to numerous devices of torture with injury coming faster as they delay on calling or folding a hand. WSOP officials say that this "will speed up play tremendously!", with some saying that this could be a record for a quick finish to a final table.

The final two players will be tied together at the wrists with a 5 foot cord, and forced in to a battle to the death while playing their cards. Players will be able to jab and cut their opponent while play goes on, but Harrah's officials say that no death blows will be allowed, and anyone cutting off an opponent's limb(s) will be forced in to a 5 minute penalty. This could be fatal as blinds and antes could hit the offending party severely. Should a player kill his opponent he will be immediately disqualified, and the winnings given to the deceased player's next of kin.

When asked, many of today's top players are elated that they did not make this final table, and feel that next years WSOP Main Event will not have as large a field. Harrah's management has said that this is just a trial, and should it prove successful, future year's Final tables will have other movie promotional tie ins.


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