Thursday, 30 October 2008

Online Poker Record Broken As 11 Players See Every Flop

In yet another sensational exclusive, Melted Felt is pleased to bring you the following report, in which a 10 seated table of loose / passive donks managed to break several online poker records during a session yesterday... with 11 of the 10 players seeing every flop!

Titan Poker, the home of the loosest games online, were actually unable to explain this statistical anomoly - though they did not try to deny it. The 10c / 25c No-limit game featured players from many countries notorious for their terrible poker players including The Netherlands, France, Italy and the UK*

*If it appears Melted Felt have inadvertantly forgotten to insult your home country please check the archives, we know full well that your lot have one leg shorter than the other and so can not stop yourselves walking around in fucking circles.

At the same time as never folding 'before those cards in the middle came along' (because anyone can get 2 pairs), the passive donks broke a second world record for the largest number of mini-raises of 2 times the big blind. Of course all 11 of the 10 players also called these, meaning that the pot was fairly large pre-flop in comparison to their minimum buy-in stacks....

Unfortunately for the newbies on this record breaking table even flopping the nuts rarely won more than one more bet - after all checking every street with the stone cold nuts only to min-bet and get called on the river makes you look really cool.


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