Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Shock As Elk Wins WPT Festa Al Lago

The poker world was in shock yesterday, Melted Felt is pleased to exclusively report, after an Elk won the latest World Poker Tour event - the Festa Al Lago at The Bellagio - for a cool $1.4 million.

The animal, closely related to the European Moose and certain species of large red deer was out muching grass as we went to press... fortunately, our insider game us the scoop.

First, we asked a WPT official how an Elk was actually permitted to enter the prestigeous $10k buy-in event.He was actually too busy crying over his near-worthless stock options to give us an especially coherent reply - it turns out that anyone with a spare ten grand can come in, regardless of whether they sport 1 meter long multi-pronged and reasonably sharp antlers.

What was more confusing was how the actions of this Elk were deciphered by the dealers...

Here a clever system was put into place using signals: Any rucking (or behavior which suggested a will to ruck) was counted as a raise, as was shitting those odd dry black balls on the Bellagio floor. When an oppoent raised a rifle was set - if this resulted in immediate fleet-footed escape through the blackjack pit then the Elk was deemed to have folded - yet if it carried on chewing grass it was deemed to have simply called.

Other than a 2-round penalty issued for giving the tournament director ticks, things went pretty smoothy on the Elk's way to victory... our understanding is that the WPT organisation will allow bears, marsupials includung Kangaroos and possibly even komodo-dragons into the 2009 event... if this all goes smoothly they may even considering letting French players participate in the 2010 event.


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