Monday, 13 October 2008

UN To Add 'Bad Beat Stories' To List Of Crimes Against Humanity

Back from vacation, Melted Felt can today bring you a sensational poker exclusive direct from the corridoors of international power... Ban Ki-Moon, somewhat bored with the lack of crimes against humanity these days has added telling too many bad-beat stories to the list.

Expanding the role of the UN was not taken lightly according to our insider, "well, it was triggered by the lack of genocides recently" said our man, "with ethnic clensing only happening every 10 years or so, we are left having meetings and checking our finger nails for small particles of dirt on a day-to-day basis".

"bad-beat stories seemed a natural area for the UN to police" our insider continued, "the global nature of people being bored to tears by poker playing friends or relations with stories which start 'well, I raised pre-flop....' and end 'on the river' is reaching epidemic proportions" going on, "while we do not have any direct evidence at this point, the UN is considering a large scale study to establish just how many people are actually bored to death by bad-beat stories on a weekly basis".

"Of course, we'd prefer some insane dictator to exterminate tens of thousands of innocent people in the most gruesome way possible - but hey, what can you do?"



Anonymous said...

LOL, I love this site man! Been telling everyone I know about it!

Anonymous said...

spam - check it!

Mark said...

Cheers Randy - positive feedback is always great to receive.

As for 'Yes'... well I'm not sure that I understand you, part of me thinks this is an insult (in which case I win a cake!) and the other part of me wants to ask what it is I should be checking... ah well.


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