Friday, 28 November 2008

60 Minutes To Show Poker In 100% Favorable Terms This Sunday

As poker players across the nation look forward to the delayed episode of 60 minutes featuring poker's recent 'superuser' scandals, Melted Felt is pleased to exclusively report that poker will be shown in such massively favorable terms that Mormons are expected to convert enmasse, yesterday.

Yes, there is little doubt that online poker will be shown to the nation as a wholesome and natural competetive passtime enjoyed by all-American families providing a profitable outlet for those competative instincts. 60 minutes are also expected to show you:

- How poker boosts your relationships with wives or girl / boyfriends and makes you irrististable to the opposite sex if you are currently single.

- The fantastic effect of online poker in gaining you massive respect among those who accused you of being a spotty little fuck who spent all day clicking a mouse in a darkened room.

- Provide facts and figure which will turn your family into staunch supporters of your plan to drop out of college and multi-table 25c / 50c 6-max no limit for a living, I mean - does Chris Ferguson have an, erm, degree?

- 60 Minutes will prove, once and for all, that you are a good player - way above average in fact, and that if you could JUST HAVE NORMAL LUCK you'd be rich by now, filthy rich, OMG the donk sucked out again, jeeze, you are just so talented, oh no, rivered, you should be sooo rich, really, sigh.

- They will go on to make such a hugely convincing argument that poker is a skill game and should be immediately legalised that Bill Frist will come out of retirement especially to draft the legalisation bill himself.

Well, we read your hopes all over the forums folks and MF have a question to ask you...
Favorable, really?


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