Thursday, 6 November 2008

McCain - "Lets Settle This Heads-Up'

As the dust settles in a presidential election - in which millions of people pretended they had not seen the polls and acted surprised at the result - some bitterness in the republican camp still remains, Melted Felt is pleased to exclusively report yesterday.

While John McCain was all humility, smiles and self-blame on the podium - even congratulating Obama by telephone. We have actually seen the text transcript from the chat-box at the election 50c / $1 No-Limit table in which a very different picture was clear for all to see...

Not only did the bitter McCain accuse Barak Obama of being a fish, card-rack, luck-box and fortunate fool on no less than 36 separate occasions - he even challenged his opponent to a $5 / $10 heads-up match to 'sort the men from the boys' after losing a big pot to a flopped full house.

Our Stars insider was actually able to reveal that McCain has less than the 20 blind minimum buy-in for this level, after spending all of his budget trying to convince the American public that Obama supported abortion in gay marriages.

Blushes were actually spared when the heads-up challenge was turned down, with Obama typing that he would like to be inclusive - however the McCain camp was quick to claim victory, noting that even though Barak has totally outplayed him at both 'No-Limit Texas Holdem' and 'Getting Elected As President'... the fact that he was not willing to play heads-up at ten times his usual buy-in proves beyond doubt that he is a fish.


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