Wednesday, 19 November 2008

New Record Number Think PokerStars Is Rigged

Despite the efforts of politicians who believe that any type of enjoyment is against the will of god and that money is better spent on war, the number of people playing online poker actually continues to grow.

The latest record to be breached was the 30,000 simultaneous cash game players over at Poker Stars - this is the largest number since the 2nd largest number and shows just how fucking fat the wallets of the owners must be.

However, Melted Felt would not be at the cutting-edge of poker news merely regurgitating the same old headlines - no, we are pleased (yesterday) to bring you another sensational exclusive, this time concening the record number of people who think that PokerStars is rigged.

Its all in the numbers.

With 30,000 cash game players each having a pair of aces at least once during the evening, we can sensationally report that 6,000 of them typed 'JokerStars' into the chat box at least once, when cracked by a badly played pair of 9's.

Next we combine those who had a pair against a flush draw with one card to come and lost... typing 'of course, every time at this site'... thats another 7,500... an all-in pre-flop confrontation between A-K and A-Q lead to another 10,000 people typing in 'knew it was going to happen before I called - this site is rigged'.... with suited connectors cracking trips, straights counterfeiting 2-small pairs and high cards beating even higher other cards we can add another 7,777 very easily indeed, and we have not even started on the PLO yet...

This brings us to the exclusive, sensational, impressive, erm, number of people who are damn sure that PokerStars is rigged despite a single piece of factual evidence to the contrary in more than 12 Billion tracked hands - too.... 31,227 - someone call Norris McFickingWerter.


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Anonymous said...

Lets say the numbers you used were factual.

Now realize, that that many people, had those things happen 10 times each, in a half hour, not just once or occasionally :)

Now what say you. Pokerstars is completely criminal.

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