Monday, 3 November 2008

Obama denies ties to PLO spokesman, has never even played Omaha

With just hours to go before the 'Worlds Greatest Democracy*' goes to the polls to choose a new ant, Melted Felt can bring you the last in our cutting line of election specials! We are honored to bring you a guest post from Shamus - who helps us shed light on what exactly Obama did and did not deny, yesterday.

In a statement issued on Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama’s website, the Obama campaign resolutely denied Republican VP candidate Sarah Palin’s “ugly assertions**” regarding Obama’s relationship with former neighbor Rashid Khalidi. Khalidi, a leading scholar of Middle Eastern studies at Columbia University , has denied accusations that he once acted as a PLO spokesperson in the 70s and 80s.

Khalidi, whom Palin described as an “associate” of Obama’s in a campaign speech at Bowling Green , Ohio on Wednesday, has refused further comment “until this idiot wind passes.”

In its statement, the Obama campaign characterized the charges as “another recycled, manufactured controversy from the McCain campaign to distract voters’ attention from John McCain’s lockstep support for George Bush’s economic policies.” The statement goes on to point out that not only is the characterization of Obama and Khalidi’s relationship false, “Senator Obama has never even played PLO” or pot-limit Omaha, a variant of Texas Hold’em currently gaining favor among online poker players in several battleground states.

The statement concludes its rebuttal by pointing out that “PLO was not even invented until the early 1980s, making it highly unlikely anyone could be a spokesperson for the game the decade before.”

No comment as yet from the Obama campaign regarding a recent 527-group funded ad accusing Senator Obama of having played several games of low limit Razz in late 1996 during his first term as an Illinois state senator.


* - Of course the rest of the world knows full well that only around 20% of those who could vote actually do... actually making it the world's 47th greatest democracy, but hey - keep saying it and it might come true.

** - The Melted Felt opinion is that those 'assertations' are the ugliest of them all... yikes!

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