Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Red-Faces As Yang Resigns As Head Of Yahoo!

There were red-faces all round in the cross over world of internet portals and live poker calling stations yesterday - Melted Felt is pleased to exclusively report... after 2007 WSOP Main Event winner Jerry Yang tried to resign from a job he did not actually hold.

Yes, Jerry Yang's resignation of Yahoo! Chief Executive caused more than red-faces yesterday. According to the Melted Felt mole there were a couple of embarrassed coughs, some staring at shoes, an incident or two of newly identified dirt under the finger nails and even an idle whistle.

Yang patently waited for the minor hubub to die down before carefully explaining that he calls, erm, no, we mean that as much as he has enjoyed being CEO of Yahoo since his World Series win, he would rather someone more suitable took the job.

Apparently Yang discovered that there is a big skill difference between calling any and all bets all the way to the river with any 2 cards every time but somehow lucking out - and running one of the world's largest internet portals... and to be honest he would rather be at home having a nice sit down.

The board meeting was closed with a tentative acceptance speach from the head of Human Resources - who managed to eloquenty thank Yang for resigning from a job he never held and compliment him on being the world's most successful calling station at the same time.

Asked whether he thought that God approved of giant multinational internet portals Yang (naturally) flat-called.


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