Monday, 24 November 2008

Shock As Eric Liu Buys Lederer With Stars FPPs

The world of online poker was left in turmoil yesterday, Melted Felt is pleased to exclusively report - after a Full Tilt 'Red Pro' actually managed to buy Howerd Lederer - using Poker Stars FPPs.

Eric Liu - a trainer for the well known cardjoggers training site has been sponsored by Full Tilt for some time. Being a red pro bringing numerous priviledges including 100% rakeback and the ability to create multiple accounts to take advantage of your unsuspecting opponents.

The fact that Liu had been 'secretly' playing at Poker Stars long enough to accumulate a huge pot of 'Frequent Player Points' (FPPs) was shocking enough... but using those same points to actually buy Howard Lederer - owner of Full Tilt - has left the poker world gibbering nonsense and playing marginal hands out of position.

Speculation on what Liu will do with his newly aquired Lederer is anybody's guess at this point in time... though rumors are already surfacing of a baby-oil lubricated celebrity death match with Cardjoggers CFO Lee Jones...


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