Thursday, 13 November 2008

Spectre Of UIGEA Enactment Leads To Mass Faked Withdrawal Concerns

Worry, concern, a couple of the usual weak noises from the PPA and a mass of fake fretting about 'online 'rolls' has spread like wildfire through the internet yesterday (Melted Felt can exclusively report), as information came to light that president Bush was about to press the 'nuke online poker button' by actually enacting the UIGEA.

An example involved 18 year old Chris from Tampa, who plays (badly) under the screen name TeddyKGB123JediSharkNateDog987. He popped up in several online forums with posts (in ALL CAPS of course) saying things like, "F Bush man, I'm really worried about my online 'roll, should I be withdrawing it now are we ok for another month? I'm gonna move to fing Canada... etc etc'

Another losing microstakes donkey, Brian from Iowa has been recommending that players relax, chipping in to the internet discussion to say he is going to withdraw everything over the $5,000 mark from all of his internet accounts.

The reality is, of course very different, the health of the economy fortunately not being dependant on either Chris' total bankroll of $17,38c or the 2765 play money dollars Brian (who is actually only 11) managed to accumulate thus far.

Still, even today, 100's of similar losers are using the opportunity that the game we love is in danger to make themselves look 'cool' in front of 100's of other similar losers they will never ever meet. The power of the networked world in action.


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