Thursday, 18 December 2008

2+2ers Working Round The Clock On Madoff-Hamilton Link

Exclusive news this Friday morning, that the dogs of 2+2 are working over-overtime at the moment - after being 100% sure that Russ Hamilton must somehow be involved in the Bernard Madoff scandal.

Hand Histories were being looked at with a fine toothcomb, records of domain name and e-mail address ownership were being put under the magnifying glass and theories were being brewed late last night as the apparent link between the two alledged scammers came within a whisker of being uncovered.

Hamilton, famed for laughing in the face of the Kahnawake Gaming Corporation as he counted the big piles of money alledgedly stolen from Ultimate Bet, yesterday exclusively denied having any involvement what-so-ever in the $50 Billion Madoff ponzi scheme which recently collapsed.

Stooping down to prop up a wobbly table leg with a wad of $100's Hamilton said "wahh, ha, ha, hahahaha, heeeeheheheh, ho ho" when we asked him about his connection.

The 2+2 dogs were not so sure - already discovering a user called 'Burn And Turn' who played 193 hands at the same table as NoiNoi in 2006... with Burn sounding uncannily like Bernard - the first name of Mr Madoff, support were asked to trace the IP address - yep, this Id and the headquarters of Madoff's empire shared the same coast!

With the link established it is only a matter of time before statistical outliers and vested interests are revealed.... stay tuned.


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