Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Bad Beat Costs Former Party Poker Owner $300 Million

In a sensational second-hand scoop, Melted Felt are pleased to bring you the shocking revalation that one Anurag Dikshit, former founding partner of Party Poker has coughed up $300 million to the US Justice Department.

What is more we bring you this entire sensational piece without once mentioning that his name has the word 'rag' in it, oops.

Mr Dikshit - what was called 'raggy' or 'ragger' throughout his childhood and often dreamt of changing his name to Kevin, or maybe Bob, to escape the cruel taunts. In fact, while having his moustache carefully trimmed he personally asked the MF Mole if we could refer to him as "Brian Dikshit' for the rest of the piece.

Money will change hands from Brian Shit to the US Government in 3 stages, and are closely tied in with negotiations with the justice deparment - with Brian seeking to use his vast wealth to avoid prosecution which would have been a given for anyone poor.

Brian Dick actually created the original software platform for Party Poker - so, now we know who to blame... eh 'ragger'.


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