Monday, 15 December 2008

CTS aka Cole South Beats Record For Montana Turd Bird Prices

Flushed with success after shifting 100's of copies of the worlds most expensive poker ebook - Cole "CTS" South has broken another record - Melted Felt is pleased to exclusively report - after yesterday shifting a more than a dozen Montana Turd Birds for no less then $8,525 a piece.

The eBook, called 'Let There Be Range!", was sold for a comparitively paltry $1,850 and apparently contains very little in the way of Math, if the title is anything to go by we do not expect it to contain much in the way of English either. According to inside information this is aimed at the hardcore market of people with more money than sense who probably think that Poker Stars is rigged anyway.

With the success of high-priced info product sales Cole has looked to continue his streak. Each Montana Turd Bird is unique - which gave him the perfect selling angle to price these $5 products at the lofty heights of $8,525... but that is not all - turning his back on the poker tables for a career of selling expensive stuff we expect CTS will shortly move into the following lucrative markets:

- Certificated, Documented and Video-Captured Proof that the Pope is indeed Catholic... only 10 copies to be sold ever and yours for just $21,899.33c

- Special eBook Guide to improving your golf swing for people with one arm more muscular than the other titled 'The Habitual Wanker's Guide To Hole In One's', just $69.690,69c

- How to make a profit in the real eastate market, with a special introductory chapter explaining how one-way bets happen all the time and that you are not too late to join the gravy train, and if you do not buy now then you'll miss out for ever and be living in that shitty trailer park you nothing waste of humanity... for just $11,250

Right, best get going - time to feed my Turd Bird!


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