Monday, 29 December 2008

Forum Flames Escalate As 2009 Supernova Elite Challenges Grow

Melted Felt can today exclusively bring you an investigation fresh from the ugly bowels of internet poker forums. Yes, the time of year arrives when young men the world over lay down the gauntlet as to who can get the first medically proven case of Repetitive Strain Disorder their quest to become the coolest poker dog in town - a pokerstars supernova elite!

We start with the quest of Tommy from London, England - who has told his peers on his favorite poker strategy forum that he was willing to bet cash that he developed Carpal Tunnel Syndrome by the end of March by 26 tabling SNG tournaments 14 hours a day. Hank, from Tenessee went one better, arguing that by 56-table short-stacking Omaha Poker, he would be able to suffer from the extremely painful Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy Syndrome by mid-February at the latest.

Meanwhile, Freddy a 19 year old greasy and somewhat spotty virgin from Stockholm, Sweden did not post his intentions of becoming a Supernova Elite on any forum. Instead he meticulously planned his path to reaching this goal - working out that with a good run and bankroll management he could reach this by April the 8th 2009.

What Freddy was really looking forward to was striding confidently into his local bar, pausing to nonchalantly flick a small piece of fluff from his Metallica t-shirt, sauntering over to those beautiful blondes at the bar and saying, "Hey Babe, I'm a Supernova Elite" - no, wait... erm, ahhhhhhh.


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