Saturday, 20 December 2008

Full Tilt Close Player Accounts For Using Full Tilt Software

So exclusive that not even the writer has heard it yet, Melted Felt bring you some sensational news this morning - showing exactly how far Full Tilt Poker's Software ban has gone in their crackdown on software that helps players on the site, yesterday.

Those days when you could data-mine Full Tilt using robotic software programs what worked for you while you slept in your own filthy stench working off last night's hangover are long-gone. The second largest poker site are now actively cracking down on users of bots, aids and random software programs.

In an effort to make this ban as far-reaching as possible, Full Tilt last night closed the accounts of everyone using the Full Tilt Poker software client - leaving only the dormant accounts of those players who signed up in their 'brothers' name after realising that they were missing out on rakeback.

According to our Full Tilt insider there were suspicions that the Full Tilt Poker client may have been used to actually win money - a trait which the site has been trying to crack down on for years using tactics including botnet-attack lags and the cessation of payout requests.

We sent the Melted Felt mole to start an online investigation - only this was cut short when we found out that Tilt had blocked users of Windowns, Mac and Linux operating systems from accessing their website, in addition to preventing people whose name shares any of the letters with the word 'Macerel' from creating and account.

Stay tuned - this one could run and run...



Anonymous said...

popped a link up, thanks for dropping by. Enjoyed your work, think well have to work on something one day!


Mark said...

Thanks Kevin - I recommend that all MFers take a moment to check out Kevins blog... click on his name in the comment above!


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