Thursday, 11 December 2008

Online Poker Genuis Shits Himself Laughing After 'Hilarious' Location Gag

A short snippet today following a 'follow through' in the sensational world of online poker exclusives, yesterday. Yes we bring you the tale of Alan, a 31 year old mechanical engineer from Montreal, Canada - who recently realised that you could change the 'location' field on his favorite iPoker site to read the (short)caption of your choice.

While Alan was first inexoribly drawn to putting an aggressively funny one-liner such as 'Mind Your Own Business' or 'Fook Off Nosey' it was during a rather boring group training excercise at Smiths Precision Engineering that his hilarious idea struck... It was just sooo original, sooo hilarious and soooo - well - out there that (unfortunately) Alan not only laughed out loud just as a the operation of a new lazer-powered lathe was being carefully explained - he also managed to accidently follow through, depositing a steaming lump of stinking sh1t into his recently ironed y-fronts.

Still, it was worth it.

Every time Alan logs on he snikers to himself. Safe in the knowledge that one or two opponents (at least!) are bound to hover their mouse for long enough to see.

That they will realise that far from being a crap poker player and extremely average engineer, that Alan is a trapped comedy genuis who - had life just panned out a little differently - would have been starring on broadway, or telling gag after gag on Saturday night live...

Of course, MF just think that anyone writing 'Earth' as their location is probably an utterly dull engineer, or maybe a junior accountant.



Littleacornman said...

More sad than hilarious.Of course if he'd selected "sitting out" as his location I think I may have cracked a rib laughing...

Mark said...

Ugh, there is always 'At Home' to consider too... enough to make you want to turn to violence!


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