Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Online Poker Guide And Poker Tips

In the first in a series of completely corrupt posts Melted Felt is pleased to bring you news of the best poker information site ever to grace the interweb - a site so fucking good that it will blow your 35% cotton / 65% nylon xmas socks off... a site so utterly fantastic that its owner paid for a pair of new shoes for your MF host in order to get a completely unbiased plug. (photo to follow in the new year!)

The first thing you will notice about this awsome Poker Site are the huge number of Poker Tips , and let's face it... from what we have seen you should be reading these now. There are video tips here in addition to articles on many aspects of poker strategy.

But wait, thats not all!

Order now and we'll send you a... (oops, thats the wrong plug). What we actually wanted to point out is that this same incredible poker site also has a comprehensive Online Poker Guide which covers all sorts of valuable info about US / UK / Canadian sites, bonuses and reviews...

Go check 'em out!


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Small Stakes Poker said...

Happy New Year
gl gl for 09


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