Tuesday, 23 December 2008

PocketElevens Tournament Review for 21-12-2008

PocketElevens members won three major tournaments on Sunday, lead by complete donkey T3ddyKGB999 who won the Full Tilt 1 Million Gtd monthly flagship event for $211,974. Other PocketElevens members to make big scores include Nate_Dog362 and Weedman_7161 who final tabled the Poker Stars Sunday Million and Sunday Warm-up's respectively.

T3ddyKGB999 has been a valuable member of the PocketElevens community since logging on once in 2006, registering his screen names... seeing that he ranked 89,714th and then never bothering to log on again. We are proud to claim the victory an outstanding member of the community and look forward to adding his WSOP winnings to our total next year, even though he posts on a completely different website - just like Barry Greenstein.

Nate_Dog362 managed to come 7th in the Sunday Million for a nice $27,355 score after getting all-in the the worst hand no less than 13 times. Even though his only contributions to strategy threads to date have involved the lavish use of the word 'Retarded' he is now considering opening his own training site.

Finally, outstanding member of the PocketElevens community Weedman_7161 came 3rd in this weeks Sunday Warm Up for a cool $63,004. Those familiar with Weedman will know how vehemently he wades in to the arguments on Multi-accounting and ghosting, suggesting death for those involved... we were thus confused by the fact that there are no less than 7 'Weedman-xyz' Ids registered on P11's all from the same IP address and with different user names on the major sites...

Pop back over to PocketElevens soon for more childish arguments, stomach-churning hero-worship, bad spelling and horribly incompetant moderation.


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