Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Beshear Undaunted As Appeals Court Denies Him Ownership Of The Internet

In a monumental opportunity for the completely fucking lame PPA to make another statement pretending they actually did something for online poker player's rights - the court of appeals in Kentucky ruled that Governor Steve Beshear could not have control of the entire internet...

Yes, Melted Felt can exclusively reveal the sensational story today that not only are the Gambling domains safe and well at GoDaddy, but that the power-crazed governor of the turkey-lurkey state does not give a shit.

The reason?

Well, asking the courts to set a precident whereby he would effectively own the internet was just one small fight in the Mr Beshears quest for world domination. He actually has several cases going through the courts right now, in which he has asked for control over a range of different things including Australia, Wheeled-Vehicles, Britney Spears entire back-catalog, breakfast Cerials, Thursday Afternoons and the 3rd finger on everyone living's left hand.

We asked the PPA to explain how, with all the big piles of unmarked cash donated to them in $10 and $20 denominations delivered in plain suitcases, they appear to have done sweet FA to bring about the legislation of online poker - or anything other than make a few innane vaugely worded statements. However the receptionist could not recall which caribbean island they all went to for the latest fully expensed golfing holiday - and said she would get back to us as soon as she had confirmed that online poker was not in fact rigged.


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