Friday, 16 January 2009

Curse Of Doyle's Room Moves To Cake Network

Rabbits in the vicinity of Cake Poker's Costa Rica HQ were found limping yesterday - Melted Felt can exclusively report - as management learned that cursed poker site Doyle's Room would shortly join their ranks.

Gentleman player and veteran of 300 years on the poker circuit, Brunson remains a feared opponent even today - largely due to the fact that he never fucking folds as long as he has an out or two. After seeing his cursed poker site bring complete ruin first to Tribeca and more recently to the Microgaming network, we thought it was about time to sensationally reveal (after throwing a pinch of salt over our left shoulder) how The Curse of Doyle's Room began.

1963, Doyle wearing extra-think rimmed glasses, a bad (oh so bad) grey suit and sporting a hairstyle which can only be described as OMGWFTLOL... a Texas road game and a hand against Laura Lee McWitch, a gypsy fortune teller and, when she flopped trip queens all was well in the world, when Doyle rivered his backdoor straight anger turned to green fire and an and expletives which are too rude even for a foul-mouthed blog like Melted Felt to report!

Laura Lee cursed Brunson there and then, prophesising that no American poker player would be able to sit in Doyle's room for ever more...

We tried to contact the rabbit-foot wearing Cake Network team to ask their views on The Curse Of Doyle's Room - but unfortunately they were all out desperately looking for 4-leafed clovers, the receptionist did tell us that a delivery of 3 dozen black cats was expected any minute now, only nobody could remember whose path was supposed to cross whose....


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