Thursday, 29 January 2009

Doyle's Death Bet Leads Gold To Go One Better!

In an exclusive so sensational it just has to be suited, Melted Felt can today bring you the shocking news that broke poker player Jamie Gold is not going to take Doyle's death bet lying down - and has in fact gone one better!!

For those who missed it, Brunson got a little upset about someone putting him 16th in the celebs most likely to die in 2009 list... after considering sending Amarillo Slim round, Doyle instead offered the publisher 10-1 that he'd be alive at the end of the year - a bet which was accepted with the money going to worthy causes which will be bugger all help to anyone who actually does die in 2009.

Broke Jamie Gold, seeing all of the column inches on this bet, has decided to piggyback on the moment for some much needed publicity of his own. Gold, who famously has not won a single hand of poker since winning the world series, has thus come up with a bet of his own by offering 7.3 to 1 that his leg will fall off by next tuesday.

Anyone deciding to accept this bet would be well advised to keep answer-phone messages which discuss the details, erm, no, wait.


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