Sunday, 25 January 2009

Players Celebrate 'Skill Game' Ruling By Trying To Win Bad Beat Jackpot

This week containe good news for fish who play ace-seven off in early position all over America - as a court precident was set in Pensylvania, as a genuine real judge ruled that poker is a game of skill (and unlike certain, judges trying to steal the whole internet in Kentucky, ahem, actually had jurastiction.... )

Melted Felt can exclusively report that all over the world poker players are celebrating this monumental court victory in some style.... not with champaign and caviar, not with dancing in the street, not with passionate nights with significant others... nope, by rushing to partake in a poker-based game of chance.

Yes, as the Carbon Poker bad beat jackpot passes a cool million, skill-gamers from all over the world are flocking to the tables in the hope of being beaten when holding quad 8's or better - and paying an extra 50c in rake for the honor.

Hang on just a second...


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- Carbon Poker


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