Monday, 12 January 2009

Poker Sartire Joy As PCA Winner Has 'Poo' In Name

Monday morning comes around yet again and finds anal-fixated poker satire blogs around the globe overwhelmed with excitement as the winner of the (rigged) Poker Stars Caribbean Adventure turns out to have the word 'Poo' at the start of his name.

Not since Raggy Dikshit handed $300 Million to the Feds in exchange for XXX XXXXX XX XXXXX XXX (censored) has the world of poker satire blogging seen such potential in someones name. In a common-mans-designer-labels-to-riches story Mr Poorya Nazari apparently invested just $700 in a rebuy qualifier in order to reach the PCA. Kind of like a better looking (but just as fat) version of Chris Moneymaker, for middle-class fish with disposable incomes - rather than the kids.

Naturally, Melted Felt will maintain its position on the high moral ground of satirical poker blogging my failing to mention, even once that... oh shit.


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