Sunday, 18 January 2009

Stars Statement: Monkey-Lederer Similarity Purely Coincidental

Melted Felt bring you yet another ficticious scoop this Sunday as we transcribe a completely imaginary statement from none other than Poker Stars' 'head of legal stuff'.

Yes, upon receiving threatening legal letters with jelly smears from an 8 year-old monkey fan with a crayola, Stars legal department went into overdrive to get the statement released... just in the nick of time the world has been assured - that any similarity between the Poker Stars Monkey and Howard Lederer is purely coincidental (Phew!)

Date: 18th Jan 2009 Author: Poker Stars Head Of Legal Stuff
Subject: Howard Lederer - Poker Stars Monkey Accidental Coincidence

Public Statement: As the head of legal stuff at Poker Stars I would like to clarify, indenmify and superflyguy the completely spurious rumors and accusations on the interweb that the Poker Stars Monkey (hereafter referred to as 'The Poker Stars Monkey') bears a striking resemblance to the owner of an un-named but completely shite poker site (hereafter referred to as 'Howard Lederer').

Poker Stars position is that any resemblance between The Poker Stars Monkey and Howard is completely accidental. At no time did we wish to suggest that primates should be mentioned in the same sentance as. Howard Lederer.

Yours Sincerely Mr I.M. Portant (Poker Stars Head of Look Alike Monkeys)


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