Monday, 5 January 2009

Tom Dwan Challenges Poker World - To Have Bigger Balls

Happy new year from Melted Felt! To see in 2009 with a bang we can today bring you the year's first shockingly sensational poker exclusive - concerning the balls of Tom 'Durrrr' Dwan.

Yes, Tom - fed up with being known as 'the minnow' and having the ladies wiggle their little fingers at each other and wink knowingly - has issued a challenge to the poker world... have bigger balls than me and I'll give you $1 million in cash!!

Heads-up with $200 / $400 or higher blinds the challenge is to survive 50,000 hands of either no-limit holdem or pot-limit omaha. After this both players testicles will be measured by an independantly appointed (and not financially involved) 'chief testicle measurer', with a choice of metric or imperial measurement freely available to the challenger. At this point the player with the biggest balls will win the pot - $1 million from Dwan and $500k from the challenger.

We note that Phil 'OMGClayAitken' Galfond has specifically been excluded from this challenge, possibly due to the fact that his gonads are the size of duck-eggs.

Stay tuned to Melted Felt - where we'll bring you'll hear made-up news about the acceptance of Tom Dwans challenge second!


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