Thursday, 5 February 2009

Barney Frank Continues Headbanging

Politics, high finance and murder today in our daily sensational exclusive, only without the murder part.

Yes dear MF reader - we bring you more hope, more optimism and more of Barney Frank banging his head against a brick wall than ever before... as round 11 begins in the ongoing battle to repeal the UIGEA.

Frank, who famously had a monkeys testicle transplanted into the end of his nose, has been banging his head against the former administrations brick walls for some time now. Fighting for the freedom of Americans to suck out on the river in low limit cash games online. While at the same time pointing out that it is impossible for banks to control this themselves, since they are too busy creatively spending taxpayers money on executive perks.

The latest bill goes to the very heart of the issue, alledging that banning stuff is 'bad', and pointing out that banning stuff in the 1930's did not really work as supporting evidence. What is more Barney Frank will point out that the bad ban was brought in by Bush - who is on the 'other side' compared to the Obama legislation, making it even worse.

Confident that this year will see the UIGEA repealed, we called the Frank office to ask whether we could speak to the man himself and get an exclusive quote. Unfortunatey he was too busy banging his head repeatedly against his office wall to comment - other than to mention that the upside of this head banging behavior is that it is really nice when it stops.


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