Monday, 16 February 2009

FBI Analysis Of Russ Hamilton Revelations

Another exclusive so sensational we had to inject the pet ferrets of the entire MF staff with genetically modified nano-viruses (for which we held the only antidote) to prevent leaks, yesterday.

After serious analysis, stopping and starting, looking for subtle clues from non-verbal behavior and using a high-speed super-computer to count the number of twitches, ticks and flinches... the FBI have released their conclusion about the latest Russ Hamilton video.

What the militants following the UB scandal will be disapointed with is that no mention of superusers, poker being rigged or fraud was mentioned at all in the report from the feds, in fact it was only 1 word long... fortunately we got hold of an exclusive copy.

Classification: Secretish: Not For Distribution to Commies, Taleban or Hippies.
Scope Of Report: Viewing Of Russ Hamilton Video To See If There Are Any Grounds For Bursting Into His House Shouting "FEDS!!" And Waving Guns Around A Lot.
Initial Assessment: Cock
Peer Review / 2nd Opinion: Cock
Conclusion: Complete Cock


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