Friday, 6 February 2009

Jamie Gold Broke Rumors Quashed

A Friday exclusive so shocking that we had to wrap the whole Melted Felt staff in cling-film since Wednesday to prevent leaks. Today we can reveal the latest in the poker fight-back by one Jamie Gold, winner of the 2006 WSOP main event, all round nice-guy and luckbox calling station.

Yes dear readers, Jamie Gold has completely quashed rumors that he is in financial difficulty by signing an exclusive contract with a poker site which only runs games at $1 / $2 and lower.

Mr G will play online at Aced Poker's tournaments, where all seven of their players are looking forward to the celebrity presence.

What is more, to finally and completely dispel the persistant rumors flying around that he is broke, Jamie Gold will only play in the very biggest buy-in events at Aced - yes dear readers, we are talking about the $100 guaranteed $6.50 buy-in 'Mega-Sunday' and the eye-wateringly huge monthly $10 (+$1) 'High Rollers Smackdown'.

Well, as long as someone lends him the buy-in that is.


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