Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Phil Hellmuth Fight Challenge - Exclusive

A story so exclusive that we had to super-cool short metal rods and get the entire Melted Felt staff to lick them, sticking their tounges fast - to prevent leaks, yesterday (enough of that now - Ed).

Yes, dear readers today we give you some fighting talk... hot on the heals of the boxing match arranged by mr-potatoe-head look-alike Gus Hansen we can reveal that one star who does not like to be outdone arranging a bigger and better boxing match - to show who is the real-deal when it comes to poker players who pack a punch.

Las Vegas awaits, the bright lights and dramatic entrances to 'eye of the tiger' and 'the final countdown' are being coreographed, lengthy press releases and TV contracts are being organised and signed, and (unbelieveably really) bets are being taken.

Yes, Phil Hellmuth jr has sensationally announced that he is to fight with a wet paper bag - with no protective headgear (though Phil will wear one of those head-protectors himself).

Both round-by-round and result-only betting are currently showing the damp bag as a slight favorite, however we understand that Hellmuth's training regime involving ripping (2-ply) tissues and crushing grapes with his bare hands might soon tip the odds in his favor, or something.


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