Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Poker Stars Accounts Hacked

In an amazing tale of high-tech cyber-crime, the uncaring attitude of the 'big boys' and some fucking naive idiots - we bring you a sensational story so exclusive that we had to take the entire families of the Melted Felt team hostage to prevent leaks.

Yes dear readers, it seems that a number of individuals have had their Poker Stars accounts hacked and all of the money that they kept there for deliberately buying in for $1000's on a $1 / $2 fixed limit table to 'impress' their opponents has been stolen.

Not only this but the 'powers that be' at rigged online poker site Stars have shirked their obvious responsibility by not immediately returning the stolen money, thus enabling chip-dumping colluders to repeatedly make the same claim.

We sent the Melted Felt mole to investigate... and he came up with a common theme very fast indeed. It turned out all of the 'hacked' players had downloaded a program from a torrent site in Russia named 'get-aces-every-hand-see-opponents-hole-cards-win-always-at-poker-stars-download-now-get-very-rich.exe'. This program had a small jpeg picture next to it on the screen which said the (only slightly mis-spelt) 'Trustid And Safe'.

After following the download instructions which involved giving the new program access through both firewall and anti-virus programs, the recipients found it did not actually work as advertised and forgot all about it.

When their Stars Accounts were empty the next day the reaction was one of fury....

"This is a great example of corporate bullying" said one victim from his bedroom in his Dad's mansion, "what safeguards are in place to protect innocent poker players from this complete lack of protection from Stars?" continuing, "we demand an immediate explanation from Poker Stars as to how they are protecting their players from incidents like this in the future....", finishing, "luckily I have found a complete Full Tilt cheats program on a server in Antigua and will be switching to that site very soon".


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