Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Poker Stars Add Logo Piss-Pot To FPPs Online Store

In an exclusive so sensational that we had to cut the tounges of the entire MF staff clean out of their heads to prevent leaks, we bring you made-up news of the latest fantastic addition to the Poker Stars FPP store.

Yes dear readers, for so long tournament players have had to put up with the hassle of actually missing a couple of hands while they went to relieve themselves. Missing opportunities to 5-bet light giving your opponent almost 7/1 on the call and then typing profanities in the chatbox when they turned up with a hand that could beat your AJ sooted was enough to frustrate even the most talented (but currently on a downswing) online poker tournament pro.

Now, for just 5678 Poker Stars frequent player points the answer to your problems is here - with the Poker Stars Patented Piss-Pot. You can now simply flop it out right under your desk for instant relief without having to move your stoned overweight ass off of the chair. Made from 100% Chinese plastic the pot is easy to empty, easy to clean and easy to knock over when you get dealt aces at the final table and leap out of your chair for joy.

But that - as they say in sales - is not all.... For only 11666 FPPs you can get a special limited edition version of the Poker Stars Patented Piss-Pot - with a picture of and open mouthed Daniel Negreanu on the lid... syphoning the python has never been this much fun!


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