Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Poker Stars RNG Fairness Aided By Cosmic Background Radiation

In an item so exclusive we had to momentarily distract the entire MF staff by pointing upwards and saying 'See That??' to prevent leaks - we bring you some poker news the size of the universe itself, yesterday. Yes dear readers, after numerous complaints that Poker Stars was Rigged, new technology has been introduced which taps into the cosmos to ensure a fair deal.

For readers who missed it the Cosmic Background Radiation is the hissy noise left over from terrestrial TV stations when they used to shut down at 1am in the 1980's, which was caused by the 'big-bang' - an explosion for which no less that 317 jihadist groups have subsequently claimed responsibility.

By taking some radiation and mixing it with some other random stuff on big computers, Poker Stars hope that the days when every losing player claims that they are rigged will soon be over... click the for a larger pic to see what we mean.



NewinNov said...

Hey, that pictures looks familiar, you guys been reading the AP again?

Mark said...

Hmmm, every time we get a comment we do not understand we kill an innocent fluffy woodland creature... or something.


NewinNov said...

I'm conflicted. If I type a response, another innocent (debatable) fluffy (rabbit?) woodland creature gets axed. So this will be my last response as I don't think I can deal with more than two deaths at this point.

Your previous post seemed to be related to a recent Associated Press report that stated, "(AP) -- The strength of the Earth's magnetic field has decreased 10 percent over the past 150 years, raising the remote possibility that it may collapse and later reverse, flipping the planet's poles for the first time in nearly a million years, scientists said Thursday."

I wonder why you don't receive more comments. Now I understand; it's all the killing thing.

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