Sunday, 8 February 2009

PPA Decide To Spend Nothing On Latest Initiative

How exclusive can one blog get? Today Melted Felt brings you sensational news of the latest initiative of the Poker Players Alliance - that organization whose have repeatedly proven that they are a force to be recconed with in the fight to legalize online poker (erm, hang on a moment there, well, ummmm - hehe).

Yes dear readers, this initiative involves getting all poker players who are capable of writing to send a letter to President Obama requesting that regulation, taxation and the prevention of bad-beats comes to the very top of the agenda - at the expense of prevention of fatal childhood diseases, the war on terror and avoiding the recession which are just like, well boring.

Now, the PPA are more than aware that a large percentage of their client group are actually unable to write - codenamed 'the 'its sooted' players, this group can now also be politically involved... just print off the draft letter below and pop it in an envelope marked 'The President, White House, Washington DC' and the US mail will do the rest.


PS: Ok then, here is a link to the PPA so you can partipate for real - PPA Website

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