Thursday, 12 February 2009

Scandal As Carbon Poker Proves Rigged Against Losing

** Update End April 2011 - This page was originally a satire piece, joking about the fact that nobody could seem to win the Bad Beat Jackpot! Carbon Poker / Merge Network has been hosting real money poker for many years with no scandals or allegations at all... They are still welcoming US Players, and with my coupon code PBKLUB you can grab a 200% matched bonus + free $11 SNG token while you check out the great software and games there...Click This Link Now To Check Out The US-Friendly Carbon Poker For Yourself!!

Prepare yourselves today dear readers, as we bring you poker news so exclusive that we had to shoot the whole MF team in the kneecaps then put duct tape over their navels to prevent leaks. Yes, Merge Network site Carbon Poker have been highlighting their ever growing bad-beat jackpot for some time now... with the total at a hefty $1.2 million - and growing.

However, some suspicions have been aroused, some players are getting a little fed up, and some others are just donking off their money with any 2-suited. It would appear that Carbon Poker is believed to be rigged - against losing!

We spoke to some veterans who have been tracking hands on Carbon for some time. Aces pre-flop apparently hold up just over 80% of the time when all-in against a lower pair and 76% against a suited connector. In fact over a 263 hand sample, these results showed conclusively that those aces held 1.072% more than they were supposed to - PROVING that Carbon were rigging games in favor of good hands.

Just to make sure we followed the fate of a couple of players known to think ace-rag was a good hand in mid-position at a full table with a small raise ahead. Just 2 weeks later they had busted out - providing yet more proof, as if more proof was needed, that Carbon Poker is rigged against people winning the bad-beat jackpot by not rewarding the donks for bad play.

You have been warned!



Nate de la Piedra said...

you're serious?

a 1% deviation using only a 263 hand sample?

Statistically speaking, with that small a sample, the deviation should be BIGGER than only 1%....just saying

Mark said...

Classic comment - really - this one made me laugh right out loud... reminds me of the time I was speaking to a cousin and managed to keep a straight face while explaining that Bacon was the only meat approved by the vegetarian society... class

Just saying, lol

Did you read the rest of the blog Nate? Did ya??

Love it.


common terry said...

poker is rigged

if u make money getting them victims, i imagine they rig it for u.

carbon poker used to be poker. com

they changed the name because players knew it was rigged (poker.con)

common terry said...

my first AA at carbon in weeks today

--carbon poker.con 2$ sitngo--
Starting Hand #18862162-30
AColburn is the Dealer
Shuffling Cards
gazza030870 Posted Small Blind 25
tbeatty03 Posted Big Blind 50
Dealing Cards
You Were Dealt (Ad, Ah)
S0LMYR Raised to 175
Bluetick1965 Folds
terrygo Raised to 675
AColburn Calls 675
gazza030870 Folds
tbeatty03 Folds
terrygo All In
AColburn Calls 3,113
S0LMYR Shows (Qs, Qc)
terrygo Shows (Ad, Ah)
AColburn Shows (As, Td)
Dealing Flop (7c,5c,2d)
Dealing Turn (Qd)
Dealing River (9c)
S0LMYR Wins 5,802 from Pot 2 with : Three of a Kind Queens
S0LMYR Wins 2,736 from Pot 1 with : Three of a Kind Queens

Anonymous said...

I`ve a lot there from free money with bad beats everyday non stop, and lost it all due to this bad beats. I`ve waited so long for cashout that i cancelled what they waited for and spread it all over with premium hands being sucked out.
2000 players at 8 different poker room on the merge network AKA River network, why is that....
Do no play there!!!

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