Thursday, 19 March 2009

Bad Beats Stories Record Set

A different kind of exclusive to bring our dear readers today at Melted Felt as we step away from the heady world of poker professionals into the more mundane sphere of the everyday grinder.

Today will do down in history thanks to an unassuming junior accountant from Maine by the name of Eric.

Yes, when Eric logged on to his favorite forum to post a hand from a 50c / $1 cash game entitled 'What Should I Have Done Differently?' he was fully aware that he played it fine. Like so many players all over the world, this was a thinly disguised bad-beat story.

What Eric, and millions of low-limit poker players did not realize, is that this seemingly inconsequential story tipped the balance to a new world record... that there are now not only more bad-beat stories in the world than people, but Eric's contribution means that there are more whining cry-baby beats on the internet than the combined number of people alive and the total of those who have ever lived.

We asked a leading psychologist to explain the huge popularity of proving to fellow low limit donkeys that you are really good but unlucky... "Hmmmm", he started, stroking his beard and playing pocket billiards, "Can't blame you for fancying your own Mother really, what with those lovely tits and all".


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