Monday, 16 March 2009

Durrrr Challenge To Resume, Maybe, One Day

In another shocking exclusive that goes to the rotten heart of a bag full of rotten cores, Melted Felt can today bring you news that the Tom Dwan Durrrr Challenge is to resume, one day, maybe, well it could do at least.

With fanfare, press releases and special pages on the Full Tilt website, the kick of of the first Durrrr challenge - featuring Tom Dwan vs Patrik Antonius - got off to a flying start late last month. With 4 tables of Pot-Limit Omaha the high-profile poker pros were able to play a total of 17 hands, during which time Dwan was $140k up.

At that point Durrrr had an urgent appointment with his milliner and was unable to resume, every day since then Dwan has managed to come up with a poor excuse to keep the fearless Finn waiting for a resumption in the challenge. Between 'an upset tummy', and ' feeling down 'coz I lost a pot against Gus f$cking Hansen' there have been numerous trips to have his eyebrows re-plucked.

We sent the Melted Felt mole deep into the Dwan camp to find out the inside story on when the rather lame challenge would be continuing... we were confidently told 'Tomorrow' before being smugly informed that "tomorrow never comes - ha"... after expressing a strong desire to punch Dwan repeatedly in the face until he stopped looking like a c0cky little f#cking girl the Mole was removed by security - to the back of a very long queue of people who felt the same way.


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