Monday, 9 March 2009

Full Tilt Launch Academy To Educate Players On Good Avatar Choices

In an exclusive news item this morning we bring you a welcome development from the world of learning stuff. Yes dear MF reader - Full Tilt Poker have launched a new 'Academy' which is focused on that most difficult of online poker decisions, which cartoon avatar to display at the Full Tilt tables.

In video format and hosted by top pros the training offered will go from the basics - for example what choosing the Panda avatar says about your sexual orientation - through to the advanced, including a special with Jesus Ferguson on whether the vampire is +ev in short handed fixed limit draw poker games.

For those new to Full Tilt Poker there will be a special review of tells which come from the avatars available. This will include some amazing statistics - including the fact that more than 95% of players who choose the shark are actually fish, and that 78% of those who choose the blonde with big tits are actually spotty teenage boys with small cocks.

Changing expressions to manipulate your opponents calling ranges is in the advanced section of the Full Tilt Poker Academy. This covers the basics of making the Monkey look confused when you hold the nuts, or making that small dog look angry in order to lower your opponent's 3-betting range for the next 12 hands.

We asked Poker Stars to comment on whether they would launch a rival academy in the near future, to which they responded that Full Tilt poker was very shit indeed, or something.



Anonymous said...

Another quality post! Without taking the piss, I am sure that there was some research into the luckiest avatar at OnGame and it was the old woman by a long strecth. Thoughts on why?

Mark said...

Going to plump for the 'experimenter effect' here... after all why would someone go to all the trouble of collecting a decent sample of HHs just to conclude that there is no difference!

(pro cynic me...)

Cheers, Mark

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