Monday, 23 March 2009

German Women's Group Anger After EPT Winner Sandra Naujoks 'Sells Out'

News today of a scandal brewing in the politico-poker euro heartland of Germany, where the winner of the EPT Dortmund and Poker Stars pro - Sandra Naujoks - is in hot water. In a culture which prides itself on equality, innovative engineering and bottling the late stages of major international football competitions, Sandra's use of the razor-blade has lead to the cry of 'foul' from German womens groups.

The problem started when Sandra decided to shave her beard for the publicity shots for rigged poker site Poker stars. This angered the German feminists, who are proud of the fact that German women are fully bearded and believe that those ladies who shave their faces are in fact slaves of the male dominated chauvenist establishment - using the logo 'bearded and beautiful' to describe their fat-assed, lederhosen wearing membership.

t the time of going to press (well, ok, hitting the 'publish' button) it was unclear whether Sandra had also shaved her hairy chest.


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