Thursday, 5 March 2009

HSP Season 5 Leaves Doubt As To Status Of Brunson Death Bet

An exclusive from beyond the grave here on Melted Felt, as we bring you made up news of a premature calling in of moneys owed from the Doyle Brunson death bet that caused all the controversy last year.

Mack Rawden, who named Doyle in his list of 100 celebrities most likely to die, actually filed a claim for his $10,000 payout after watching high-stakes poker season 5 and seeing no signs of life whatsoever in the veteran poker player.

A spokesman for the Brunson camp immediately denied that the person seen on the screen was in fact a waxwork dummy of Brunson which played 'Doylism' quotes at random intervals and was programmed to fold cards - instisting that the real Doyle, currently 104 years old, was at the tables.


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