Friday, 27 March 2009

Poker Stars Cancel Sunday Million To Make Room For More Satellites

In a shocking Friday exclusive from the corridoors of poker-power, Melted Felt brings you the scoop on the latest move by leading rigged poker site Poker Stars - to cancel the Sunday Million!

Yes, dear readers, the concern among those in the know is that this could set a dangerous precident - one which could see the WCOOP, SCOOP and even the Turbo Takedown also cancelled... to make way for more satellites.

It all started with the evil accountant who runs Stars, who worked it out with a pencil that Stars actually make more money from Satellite qualifiers to these events than from the events themselves. After exhausting the variations and number of satellites available including hyper turbos, turbo rebuys, shootouts, freezeouts, hangouts, shouts and outs - the profit margins were still not quite up to scratch.

After some statistical analysis it turned out that very few people were actually playing satellite qualifiers when the Sunday Million itself was running - reducing the $$$s in the bank.

So from April 2009 Stars will be cancelling all of their major tournaments in favor of an improved and increased satellite schedule, we asked a spokesperson from Poker Stars to comment on this momentus decision to cancel their flagship tournament the Sunday Million, in a verbal statement they would confirm only that, yes, Full Tilt is actually completely sh1te.



Steve H. said...

Guess I'm gonna have to play more on full tilt now on Sundays then!!!

Have a good weekend.

Small Stakes Poker said...


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