Monday, 2 March 2009

Pope Benedict XVI Accepts Durrrr Challenge

Shocking news to start the month dear Readers, as we bring you an exclusive so hot that you could toast your marshmellows on it. Yes, Pope Benedict XVI has accepted Tom Dwan's Durrrr Challenge.

Benny-Boy (as he is known to his best mates) apparently learned of the challenge in one of his weekly MSN chats with God, who - feeling rather chuffed with himself for inventing Pot-Limit Omaha - insisted that Dwan would be no match for 'Team Holy Trinty' and the million bucks won could be spent ensuring that starving children in Africa did not wear condoms.

Dwan himself is yet to comment on the latest acceptance of his challenge - however sources close to the man himself have suggested that Divine Intervention alone is not enough to worry him. Of course, miracle turn-cards will be a regular part of the match, but Dwan is expected to stick with 4-card combinations which benefit from the ability to redraw on the river.

We were going to ask the question of whether Dwan's soul would be considered good collateral to ensure the win... however, having seen numerous video interviews with Durrrr we are not actually sure that he has one...


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